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Crystal Kay
1 May
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Hi,My name is Crystal,I am 18 years old.I live in bay city Michigan where i just currently graduated from John Glenn High School.well.. heres a cool survey I did have fun!
*about you*
what is your name? Crystal Kay
what is your gender? female
when is you birthday? May 1,1986
how old are you? 19
what is you height? 5'5
what is your eye color? brown
what is your hair color? Red
do u have ne brothers or sisters?One half sister *gag* one sister ashley, and a brother
can you speak ne forgien laungage? a bit of french
are you a lefty,righty,or ambidextrous? righty
do you have ne pets? 2 Dogs

*do you*
smoke? (cigs) not really
do ne drugs? Nope
drink? Sometimes
sing in the shower? yup!
pray? No.
wonder about life and death? yeah
talk to strangers? Always thats how u get new friends!
sleep with stuffed animals or your baby blanket?Not really.
have you ever...
hurt yourself? yeah
hurt someone other then yourself? yeah
been in love? Yup
lied about being in love? yup
gone skippy dipping? yup
caught your parents having sex? No!
played strip poker? I dont even know how to play Poker
had a medical emergancy? yup
had surgey/stiches? yup
been picked on? hell yeah
got beat up? Nope
beat someone else up? if black eyes and fat lips count lol..
stood around watching someone get beat up? i have..
slept all day? not all day.
pulled an 'all nighter' ? I cant..
starved yourself? No thats why im fat.
thought about suicide? Kinda..
killed someone? Not really.
thought about killing someone? yeah
broke the law? yup
do you bealive in god? eh kinda.
miracles? yes
astrology? yes
magick? yes
satan? yeah
luck? uh huh
santa or the easter bunny?my momma and dadda
love? sure

are you single? kinda..
do you wish you where? no..
are you in love? no
with who your with?
or someone else?
do you think of love as a mistake? no
how was your first kiss? dont rember
how was your first kiss with who your with? i love parks lol
do you bealive there is someone for everything? yes
if your with someone could u see yourself with them the rest of your lives? dunno

*one or the other*
boxers/briefs? on guys i like boxers or boxerbriefs
gold/silver? silver
half empty/half full? Half full
day/night? night
lights on/lights off? Lights Off

*your stands on*
abortion? Never..
death penelty? Depends
gay marriage? definitely
racism? my family is against blacks but im not against em
drugs? As long as u know u can handle it
cloning? no
religion? sure
the president? gay.
porn? fuckin nasty ass shit!
suicide? No.
drinking age? should be lowered to like, 19

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Thats me!

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Im a baby!!:)

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Me and Jeremy from Prom 04

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Alex and I

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Nicole and I

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Lindsey Nicole and I

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Im so serious! ha

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I was so damn cute as a baby

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